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Sound A Day – 03

I often like to use the freeware open source application Paul Stretch to create drones, and pads. Its uses don’t stop there, I’ve utilized its incredible stretch algorithms to lengthen.. shorten.. process dialogue…sfx…create looping soundscapes. Here are some examples of Paul Stretch’s incredible stretch technology. The original source is from some random patch creations I was working on(Again recording audio the whole time). Listen to each stretch example and notice how the original integrity of the sound is maintained. Pretty Impressive! Original Source – 1x Speed (Original Length) (17 Seconds) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Stretched to 8x Length (2+ Minutes) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Stretched to 63x Length (11+ Minutes) [Audio clip: view full [...]

Sound A Day – 02

Having a Point and Shoot recorder can be quite rewarding. I feel that all sound recordings in one way or another are usable at some point (recorded well or not). A couple weeks back I recorded my drive home from the studio. I was running through this 12 minute recording last night and found a portion where I just parked in my garage and was closing my power windows.  Because it was pretty much spontaneous they aren’t recorded properly, however they could still work for something down the line. I find that in Ableton its really easy to quickly doctor up your field recordings for future use using simple gating, eqing, and compression. Here are the recordings starting with the [...]

Sound A Day – 01

Decided to start off with 3 examples from some recent sessions with Ableton Live 8, Sound Toys Phase Mistress, and Pluggo. When trying to create new sounds, I typically loop around the source sound I’m working with. I then route the audio output of the playing track into a secondary track and record every tweak, and change of parameter. I find that sometimes on the way to creating the sound you hear in your head, you find new textures and usable material for something completely different.  After these long tweak sessions, I take each recording under the microscope and extract pieces of useful material from them and doctor them up a bit with EQ, etc. Here are some raw sounds [...]

Music Monday – Series 07

Another busy week has passed! Tomorrow heading with the crew down to the MSPE 2009 Sound Show to see a presentation on the summer blockbuster : Star Trek. Should be really exciting… Reminds me that I need to call today to find out if I can possibly bring in a camcorder to document it. Regardless should be fun, exciting, and very educational. Washed Out – Olivia There seems to be a lo-fi analog craze lately. Though the recording quality of this record is pretty craptacular, I cant help but fall in love with it. Its extremely gritty…sounds like you rescued a tape submerged in maple syrup and only after careful drying in the hot sun you pop in the ghetto [...]


SPL is offering their Micro Analog Code Plugin Attacker (VST/RTAS) Free until Nov 15 2009. Attacker is a simple rendition of their legendary Transient Designer Hardware/Software module. It allows you modify the attack of a sound and I find it to be quite useful for both sound design and music production. Its really useful for beefing up drums, and or bringing the room out a little more in poorly recorded foley/live source. Don’t miss out on this offer… well because is FREE…and its pretty cool.

Music Monday – Series 06

Memory Tapes – Swimming Field I was first introduced to Memory Tapes about a month ago via Scott Hansen’s blog Even though it has already been posted before.. I had to. These tunes are just phenomenal. They remind me  a lot of  autumn in Chicago. Where the colors are changing.. leaves are filling the streets..and the cold is just around the corner. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Memory Tapes – Run Out (Bonus) Last cut on the album but it was a definite stand out. Love the synth runs and guitar groove that kicks in about a minute in. Memory Tapes also love to use steel drums in their tunes, which add this really warm summer’s fading [...]

Music Monday – Series 05

Last week was Insanely busy!! Peter Dundov – Rain Dundov’s album Escapements blew me away earlier this year. Every track is meticulously crafted with free flowing synth lines… Arps… and a mood that will lift you off the ground an take you on an interstellar journey to that place in the universe where cities are towering synthesizers, and streets are circuit boards.  Rain is stunning… it has a slow build but when it finally reaches the top… its a lovely downpour. Enjoy [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Memory Cassette – Ghost in the Boombox Taken from the ‘Rewind When Sleepy" EP released this year. Memory Cassette is a collection of mystery musicians hailing from Philidelphia and New Jersey [...]

Sound Design: Source Metamorphosis

  Disclaimer: You are now about to witness the Classic Chris Rant. Where I take a 15 min process and turn it into an Epic Novel. Backround:  I recently purchased a Zoom H4N for some field recording. Prior to the purchase I was doing quite a bit of research and really wanted to buy a Sound Devices 702, or Korg MR-1000. However I felt that it would be better suited to get something a little more discreet and portable for on the fly recording. I’m not going to be dragging along a field gear bag, boom mics, etc… though I’m obsessive enough to do so I much rather have something that’s a little more "point and shoot". Prior to the [...]

Music Monday – Series 04

                                              Large Selection for series 04. Going to be a busy week with quite of bit of work trickling in before the lock date on one of my projects. Capitol Studios was a blast this weekend, and I was able to get a ton of great footage of the scoring sessions. Even got a chance to see the legendary Al Schmidt who was working on the new Rod Stewart album in Studio C. Game Fans you’re in for a treat.. because the musicians this weekend absolutely killed it.  I cant wait to hear the final mixes. So series [...]

Today: Front Mission Evolved Scoring Sessions

Headed down to Capitol Record Studios today with the rest of the Audio team here at Double Helix.  We have Studio A (Strings) + B (Brass) booked all of this weekend to record the score for  Front Mission Evolved (Square Enix). Legendary Composer Garry Schyman has put together an incredible score for the game, and I cant wait to hear it in its complete state. Stay Tuned!  


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