Music Monday – Series 03

                                Monsters of Folk – Slow Down Jo I was lucky enough to receive a promo copy of this debut album (Out Sept 22) a couple of  weeks ago.  I must say…. truly remarkable!  A beautiful blend of not only folk as the album title suggests… but soul/blues/country and classic rock as well. One of the things I love about folk music is the lore behind it… the storytelling…the metaphors…the politics.  From start to finish its an enjoyable experience. I would like to note that because its members are from various indie bands the album nearly took 5 years to complete.  Band Members include: Jim [...]

Music Monday – Series 02

Series 02 Musical Selections by Imogen Heap _ PNAU _ Roberto Rodriguez _ Bibio _ Atjazz _Harold Budd

Star Wars: The Old Republic / Deceived (Sound Redux) VIDEO

Description: Copyright: LucasFilm Entertainment / Bioware / Electronic Arts Music: John Williams / Chris Kowalski (First Half) Sound Design by: Chris Kowalski This was a trailer I wanted to do long before the Tron Legacy trailer. After the original deceived trailer was released I began working on Light Saber sounds in reason and reaktor. After doing the Tron Trailer I felt pretty comfortable with giving it a try in Ableton live. This end result took approximately 162 audio tracks. 4 custom reverbs (Outside/Inside/Close/Stinger). Custom foley was recorded in my closet…Grunts in my bathroom. Equipment used: Zoom H2 field recorder. Ableton Live/Reaktor/Reason. Light Sabers were the sum of approximately 8 layers of audio. 3 Synth Layers.. Didgeridoos…Torch Whooshes . I tried [...]

Music Monday – A Mountain of One _ Kings of Convenience _ Murcof _ Processory

A Mountain of One / Kings of Convenience / Murcof / Processory

Grizzley Bear – Veckatimest

      I have been listening to the new Grizzley Bear album for a couple months now. Every time I pop it on I find something new and exciting to love about it.  The musicianship.. the lyrics…engineering.  I think Chris Taylor and the gang have really nailed it on their third LP.  You thrown in Beatles influence, a touch of psychedelic, folk, and the spirit of Freddy Mercury and you’ve got your self one hell of a ride.  If you have not yet checked this one out.. please do.  Here is a little sample to get your taste buds going: Enjoy! Grizzley Bear – Dory [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Grizzley Bear – All We Ask [Audio [...]

Tron Legacy – Sound Redux (Video)

Tron Legacy Trailer – I was extremely excited to see the official trailer that was released at Comic Con this year. I thought it looked fantastic… sounded fantastic… and the hint of the Daft Punk score near the end was great as well.  At the time I was experimenting with a trial of the newly released Ableton Live 8.. with all of the new stretch and work flow enhancements I wondered how the application would stand up for post production/sound design. Consumed by my curiosity I loaded in the Legacy trailer.. stripped the audio and gave it a go.  The video above is the result of some LOOOOOOONG hours. All in all it was insanely fun to do….I’m pretty pleased [...]


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