Star Wars: The Old Republic / Deceived (Sound Redux) VIDEO


Copyright: LucasFilm Entertainment / Bioware / Electronic Arts
Music: John Williams / Chris Kowalski (First Half)
Sound Design by: Chris Kowalski
This was a trailer I wanted to do long before the Tron Legacy trailer. After the original deceived trailer was released I began working on Light Saber sounds in reason and reaktor. After doing the Tron Trailer I felt pretty comfortable with giving it a try in Ableton live. This end result took approximately 162 audio tracks. 4 custom reverbs (Outside/Inside/Close/Stinger). Custom foley was recorded in my closet…Grunts in my bathroom. Equipment used: Zoom H2 field recorder. Ableton Live/Reaktor/Reason. Light Sabers were the sum of approximately 8 layers of audio. 3 Synth Layers.. Didgeridoos…Torch Whooshes .
I tried to stay within the Star Wars universe for this as I felt that since the franchise has been around for so long…. no matter how cool, new and original you make it sound .. it just would never be right.

This was strictly for fun.. and a project I wanted to do for a while.

More details to come… including screenshots.. audio files…walkthrough.

Stay Tuned!


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3 Responses to “Star Wars: The Old Republic / Deceived (Sound Redux) VIDEO”
  1. 09.09.2009

    Bravo! Well done, extremely professional, very tight, and perfectly timed. Three cheers!

  2. Patricia Handzlik

    Great job, Mr.Kowalski! Looking forward to hearing more,

  3. 11.16.2009

    I don’t usually post but I enjoyed your blog a lot.

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