Tron Legacy – Sound Redux (Video)

Tron Legacy Trailer - I was extremely excited to see the official trailer that was released at Comic Con this year. I thought it looked fantastic… sounded fantastic… and the hint of the Daft Punk score near the end was great as well.  At the time I was experimenting with a trial of the newly released Ableton Live 8.. with all of the new stretch and work flow enhancements I wondered how the application would stand up for post production/sound design. Consumed by my curiosity I loaded in the Legacy trailer.. stripped the audio and gave it a go.  The video above is the result of some LOOOOOOONG hours.

All in all it was insanely fun to do….I’m pretty pleased with what I was able to create in a new environment.  In the end I feel that Ableton Live 8 definitely has the chops to become a contender among the post/sound design communities.  It still has quite a few flaws , HOWEVER in time I feel that it could inherit the  necessary features for it to become serious platform for us.  I hope that with this video I can reach out to others doing sound design who may be looking for a new sandbox to play in.



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  1. 09.15.2009 – da best. Keep it going!

  2. 10.26.2009

    yea, it really is good work. I read the posts on gearslutz last night with no ablity to watch the video at work. So this morning I watched it and at first I fealt let down like it was not beefed up enough… then after about 20 seconds I realised I was completely absorbed into their world, and felt the sensation that this world was something new, somewhere we’ve never been “even in the sci-fi hollywood way”.. I mean the story as I remember is sort of a video game correct? in that sense I feel the sound design could not be better! so are you doing the whole movie in ableton?

    • Chris_Kowalski

      Thanks Ben! I really appreciate the comments. I did the sound design redux on the trailer out of love for the original movie. I would kill to have worked on the Legacy film. It was a really good exercise for me and I still plan to provide some video insight on how I did the project in ableton. Time has been really tight with 2 projects ongoing at the studio I work for.

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