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Music Monday – Series 01 [2010]

Port Royal – Balding Generation (Losing Hair Mix) Dont let being bald be the pre-requisite to liking this tune. Its really sick! Lush pads laced with beautiful arpeggios and a driving beat and bassline. Its drenched in nostalgia reminiscent of Information Society/Anything Box and its pure bliss! [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Sally Shapiro – Moonlight Dance Sally Shapiro’s smooth sexy voice rocks this tune… its playful.. its sexy.. and it cant help but make we want to pop in License to Drive and grow a mullet. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Chymera – Sumatra Beautiful bangin detroit seduction. I cant help but be reminded of Tron listening to this…. would be a perfect backround track [...]

Music Monday – Series 06

Memory Tapes – Swimming Field I was first introduced to Memory Tapes about a month ago via Scott Hansen’s blog Even though it has already been posted before.. I had to. These tunes are just phenomenal. They remind me  a lot of  autumn in Chicago. Where the colors are changing.. leaves are filling the streets..and the cold is just around the corner. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Memory Tapes – Run Out (Bonus) Last cut on the album but it was a definite stand out. Love the synth runs and guitar groove that kicks in about a minute in. Memory Tapes also love to use steel drums in their tunes, which add this really warm summer’s fading [...]


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