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Music Monday – Series 04 [2010]

I can't believe its been nearly 2 months since my last post. I sincerely apologize. We have been wrapping up Front Mission Evolved at the studio and its been extremely busy! I hope to do a better job in keeping up with posting more Music as well as some new content ideas I've been thinking about doing since the site's inception. Hang tight and enjoy some of the new finds! -Chris Tesla Boy – Runaway Man Its been a long time since I've been this hooked on an EP.  The productions of Tesla Boy are simple, but STELLAR, and a throwback to the times of tape decks and neon lights. Love the drum programming, and the A-Ha esque vocals. Hailing [...]


Music Monday – Series 11

Jori Hulkkonen – Man From Earth ft. Jerry Valuri Taken from the amazing Jori Hulkkonen’s new Album titled ‘Man from Earth’ out on Turbo Recordings this week.  Fantastic retro vibe, beautiful strings, warm synth brass, and to top it all amazing vocals by Jerry Valuri. The entire album is sick. Check it out! [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Leon Somov – Kruopu Ft. Aurimas Rimeikis What can I say I’m a sucker for anything with horns in it. Pair that with some killer techy house grooves and I’m in line with my wallet. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Baby Can’t Stop Lindstrom is on fire this year! The new LP alongside seductress [...]


Music Monday – Series 08

Phoenix – Fences (25 hrs a Day Remix) Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix has been really hot the last 3 months. Songs in ad placements all over the place. Fences has got to be one of my favorites, and the ’25 Hours a Day’ remix takes it to the next level. Catchy melody, lots of energy. Perfect track for the start of a new week. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Mountains – Untitled (Etchings EP) Vinyl promo version of the Etchings EP. Not sure to the exact track title since its not written on the sleeve.. but this track is just sick. Really great vibe on this tune… make’s me feel like I’m taking  taking a helicopter ride over computer [...]

Music Monday – Series 07

Another busy week has passed! Tomorrow heading with the crew down to the MSPE 2009 Sound Show to see a presentation on the summer blockbuster : Star Trek. Should be really exciting… Reminds me that I need to call today to find out if I can possibly bring in a camcorder to document it. Regardless should be fun, exciting, and very educational. Washed Out – Olivia There seems to be a lo-fi analog craze lately. Though the recording quality of this record is pretty craptacular, I cant help but fall in love with it. Its extremely gritty…sounds like you rescued a tape submerged in maple syrup and only after careful drying in the hot sun you pop in the ghetto [...]

Music Monday – Series 06

Memory Tapes – Swimming Field I was first introduced to Memory Tapes about a month ago via Scott Hansen’s blog Even though it has already been posted before.. I had to. These tunes are just phenomenal. They remind me  a lot of  autumn in Chicago. Where the colors are changing.. leaves are filling the streets..and the cold is just around the corner. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Memory Tapes – Run Out (Bonus) Last cut on the album but it was a definite stand out. Love the synth runs and guitar groove that kicks in about a minute in. Memory Tapes also love to use steel drums in their tunes, which add this really warm summer’s fading [...]

Music Monday – A Mountain of One _ Kings of Convenience _ Murcof _ Processory

A Mountain of One / Kings of Convenience / Murcof / Processory


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