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enews_img_bg_031510 “No Brainer” British Bundle

  Nomad Factory and Audio have a crazy deal right now ! Their Neve 1081 EQ + 2254 Buss Compressor Emulations in VST/AU/Rtas Format are going for a super low $30! Yes please! Only downside… Needs an iLok (HATE them!). Still pretty damn sweet deal @ 90% off. Sounds great… nice gentle buss compressor capable of really smashing things up. Great EQ with some very usable High Pass filters. Get your wallet out and get it while its hot.

Sound A Day – 03

I often like to use the freeware open source application Paul Stretch to create drones, and pads. Its uses don’t stop there, I’ve utilized its incredible stretch algorithms to lengthen.. shorten.. process dialogue…sfx…create looping soundscapes. Here are some examples of Paul Stretch’s incredible stretch technology. The original source is from some random patch creations I was working on(Again recording audio the whole time). Listen to each stretch example and notice how the original integrity of the sound is maintained. Pretty Impressive! Original Source – 1x Speed (Original Length) (17 Seconds) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Stretched to 8x Length (2+ Minutes) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Stretched to 63x Length (11+ Minutes) [Audio clip: view full [...]

Sound A Day – 01

Decided to start off with 3 examples from some recent sessions with Ableton Live 8, Sound Toys Phase Mistress, and Pluggo. When trying to create new sounds, I typically loop around the source sound I’m working with. I then route the audio output of the playing track into a secondary track and record every tweak, and change of parameter. I find that sometimes on the way to creating the sound you hear in your head, you find new textures and usable material for something completely different.  After these long tweak sessions, I take each recording under the microscope and extract pieces of useful material from them and doctor them up a bit with EQ, etc. Here are some raw sounds [...]

Sound Design: Source Metamorphosis

  Disclaimer: You are now about to witness the Classic Chris Rant. Where I take a 15 min process and turn it into an Epic Novel. Backround:  I recently purchased a Zoom H4N for some field recording. Prior to the purchase I was doing quite a bit of research and really wanted to buy a Sound Devices 702, or Korg MR-1000. However I felt that it would be better suited to get something a little more discreet and portable for on the fly recording. I’m not going to be dragging along a field gear bag, boom mics, etc… though I’m obsessive enough to do so I much rather have something that’s a little more "point and shoot". Prior to the [...]


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