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Star Wars: The Old Republic / Deceived (Sound Redux) VIDEO

Description: Copyright: LucasFilm Entertainment / Bioware / Electronic Arts Music: John Williams / Chris Kowalski (First Half) Sound Design by: Chris Kowalski This was a trailer I wanted to do long before the Tron Legacy trailer. After the original deceived trailer was released I began working on Light Saber sounds in reason and reaktor. After doing the Tron Trailer I felt pretty comfortable with giving it a try in Ableton live. This end result took approximately 162 audio tracks. 4 custom reverbs (Outside/Inside/Close/Stinger). Custom foley was recorded in my closet…Grunts in my bathroom. Equipment used: Zoom H2 field recorder. Ableton Live/Reaktor/Reason. Light Sabers were the sum of approximately 8 layers of audio. 3 Synth Layers.. Didgeridoos…Torch Whooshes . I tried [...]


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