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Music Monday – Series 02/03 [2010]

Sorry for missing last weeks Music Monday. Its been bananas at the studio! Here's a pretty hefty selection this week to make up for it. Enjoy!! Tons of new content on the way as well. I promise. Ministries of Music (meets Paul Lomax) – Islands Lush…warm.. and sensual texture. Like a blushing cloud smiling at the sun. I'm a sucker for anything with a saxophone in it; add in some lovely major 7th chords, synth bass, and percussion and I'm on my way. Killer!! [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Jean F Cochois – Like a Poison Snake Taken from the newly released full length LP on label 'Listening Pearls'. Mr Cochois aka The Timewriter (Plastic City) always brings [...]

Music Monday – Series 07

Another busy week has passed! Tomorrow heading with the crew down to the MSPE 2009 Sound Show to see a presentation on the summer blockbuster : Star Trek. Should be really exciting… Reminds me that I need to call today to find out if I can possibly bring in a camcorder to document it. Regardless should be fun, exciting, and very educational. Washed Out – Olivia There seems to be a lo-fi analog craze lately. Though the recording quality of this record is pretty craptacular, I cant help but fall in love with it. Its extremely gritty…sounds like you rescued a tape submerged in maple syrup and only after careful drying in the hot sun you pop in the ghetto [...]


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